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Starters, Alternators & Batteries

Quality Starter, Alternator & Battery Service

Are you experiencing starter or alternator issues? Call on the experienced tech at James Mobile Auto Repair and get your car worked on, at your convenience, from a company who has been providing high-quality auto repairs and maintenance since 1985.

We’ll come to you fast, diagnose, repair or replace any battery, starter or alternator problems, getting you back out on the road quickly and safely.

James Mobile Auto Repair provides full starter/alternator services including:

  • Batteries
  • Windshield wiper motors
  • Starter
  • Alternators

Top-Notch Mobile Auto Repair

Convenient. Affordable. Family Owned.Providing exceptional auto repair since 1985!

Look to James Mobile Auto Repair for Your Starter, Alternator and Battery Needs. We are in Clark County.

A starter that’s failing may crank the engine too slowly for a quick start, or it may not crank the engine at all. Often, the problem is not the starter but a low battery or a loose or corroded battery cable connection. So, check the battery charge and condition first.

A good battery should be capable of accepting and holding a charge from a battery charger, and should be at least 75 percent charged (12.5 volts or higher). If the battery’s voltage is low and it doesn’t take a charge, your customer needs a new battery. Load-testing the battery or using a conductance tester to check its ability to take and store a charge can also confirm the need for replacing the battery. The average service life of a car battery is only about four to five years, and can be shorter in hot climates. So also consider the age of the battery when evaluating its condition.